niedziela, 27 września 2015

Magiczny Czas

Have a goood Monday, my dear!
It's time for tutorial this weekend!
LOFT Christmas is so wonderful collection!
I love winter holidays with all my heart. It's really "the most wonderful time of a year"!
So I can't whait ot create something with this amazing paper.
My parents used to create fantastic new year's costumes for me.
Once I've been a Red Hood :)

And I'll show you how to create holiday page with realle magic photo :)
We need:
Main paper and few other papers
scrap cuttings - for example, mushrooms
Let's create our page's composition!
Sew one kind of paper to another
Sew our photo
Sew other stuff to our page
Let's cut some paper decorations

Glue photo
 Add more details and decor

  I like to use white drops and acrylic paint for snow imitation
Knock on the rod

Use white spray

Get some snow on our mushrooms, ha?
 And we have a snow holiday page with old photo to remember that magic moment

I've used:
Always yours,

Wrześniowy ślub

W kolorach późnego lata :)


Pozdrawiam! :)